We believe that our animals have to have a comfortable life with dignity and respecting their biological rhythm: food days and nights to sleep.

We raise chickens in a coop rather live than they can come and go freely, surrounded by a meadow of grass to nibble, running, sunbathing..

Their food is 100% organic, since no chemicals or drugs involved. When they are 3 months old we take them to the slaughter.

There are served in 4 or 8 pieces, ready to cook, with all the quality of a well-treated animals.

We have chicken once a month, always on request phone 686 34 21 76 14 66-93885. The you can pick up at our house on Tuesday afternoon.

Consuming organic products and products of proximity, we will do a more sustainable world and products of fair trade.

The composting

Our compound is the result of recycling the waste of our animals, following a fermentation process and obtaining a compound excellent.

Its properties are: the absence of seeds (fermentation are destroyed). It does not smell bad. It is a high quality fertilizer for gardens, plants, trees, grass ... Protects the earth from the sun and hold moisture (water saving)

Sold in bags or m / 3. Suitable for organic farming.