What is Essencia Rural

What is Rural Essence?

The objective of Rural Essence is to commercialize the country houses through Internet but marketing directly without going through intermediaries, as with the small size of our business we should not invest money in intermediaries.

El Permanyer, La Riera and La Rierola are grouped to work together. Three micro rural accommodation houses that want to improve our employment. We have sought advice and marketing specialists, IT, photography, and after a rigorous study we have started the adventure that deserves our territory and our homes. Rural Essence has made a bet with a visual website designed primarily, with lots of old and new photographs, which help us to graphically to explain the strengths of our stores. Currently our main sales channel is "internet" and we can not leave our accommodation in the hands of companies that their objective is not to sell our product.

Objectives Of The Web

We have our own space for each house and let the web ready if in a future more houses may come to be part of lodging.

We works in five languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French and German.

Our aim is to make an extra effort and be able to cover the essence of rural interests that may be sensitive to cultural differences (activities, landscape, silence, food .. .) depending on the countries of our clients and tell them that we have a good product and competitive.

The values

We think that the place where we live gives us serenity, balance and permanent contact with nature. This makes us more humble, because every day makes us realize the insignificance of human beings.

We do not understand how our society is not aware of what the richer countries value when they settle in our villages and country houses: the quality of life, so we are critical with the way that these places goes for what is called progress.

Country living is a way of life so interesting and profitable as any other. That is why we will not stop working to promote agriculture and livestock, that has been the initiator of a powerful food industry in the region, and to grow rural tourism to supplement of incomes and to give known this way of live.

Our values:

- The experience of 3 women farmers

- The will to do things, and the engagement

- Consistency, needed in the daily life of the peasant

- The optimism, needed to move forward with projects

- Perseverance, believing in what you do

- Humility, being aware of the relativity of some things

For more information please contact us. info@essenciarural.cat